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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend in the Mountains - Gatlinburg TN

So as I have said my Kiddos are getting ready to fly the coup and I believe the Hubby might be a bit concerned about how all these changes are going to affect things around the house. 

So as a preemptive strike he decided we needed to take a trip to Gatlinburg TN for a weekend in the mountains.  He even got a lovely new camera so I could takes some pictures.  I think he is mounting a distract and confuse game plan.  He knows I will be busy the month of October with work, November will be busy getting ready for our trip to England, December is filled with holiday stuff and then he will be left alone for the first couple months of the year as I will be consumed with Year End and 1st Quarter reporting. So if he distracts me with a new camera he should be able to keep himself out of trouble until October.

Here are a couple of the pictures from this weekend.  I must admit I really like the new camera.  :)

I really like the close up option - The butterfly pictures are my favorite.

1 comment:

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Beautiful flowers! It looks like a wonderful place to visit!