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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Year in Review

I know it may seem a bit early to do a blog post called The Year in Review however, my lack of blog activity is merely a sign of a year going way to fast for this mere mortal to comprehend. I am still in shock that it is August and the last few days of my life as a 24hr MOM!! are quickly coming to a close.

Here is a bit of what this year has been like so far.



I know I have implied that I have done nothing but work which is not entirely true, but work sure has taken up most of the this year.  I did get away for a MESA retreat in May which was lovely. My Past Life Regression practice has been active and as always incredibly enlightening.  However a scan through my phone pictures lets me know I did do a few other things this year.

Like the  annual Ren Fest trip

A night at Eddie's Attic

 I made some Puerto Rican Lasagna - Pinon

I bit of pool lounging

I got to play cab service to the hospital so this adorable little girl could make her way into the world :)

The Train Concert 

I was privileged to see this sight - A car with its very own Rainbow in the trunk

Reunion of two peas in a pod

And I even managed to paint my favorite picture thus far:

In less than two weeks the youngest will move into her new apartment in the city.  She will be minutes from her new job as a Hostess and Georgia State where she will be going to school.

In about a month the oldest will be heading to the University of Hertfordshire where she will embark on a year of study in the UK (I will be heading there for visit more on that later).

So today in my awareness of times fleeting ways I headed home early to make dinner and  Peach Cobbler from a secret family recipe (modified to be gluten free).


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