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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Repost - A New Message From VERONICA

I am doing a bit of reposting today - Enjoy!

A New Message From VERONICA

This Is Important To Comprehend

"You are an energy residing in a self created environment. Each detail of the reality intersecting with expressions of other energies similar to yourself.

Realize that all creation is sacred and the connection to yourself is a unique one.
You are moving through experience to evolve and grow.

Not all of it is pleasant, as you well know.

However, even the most difficult participation can propel your energy into greater vibrational opportunity.

Simply put; honor all creation that results from your choices. Be responsible spiritually for all experiences that teach a lesson. Appreciate all that resides in your environment. Have a respectful position on all that exists around you. This includes dramatics, other life forms, and the stages of physicality that has just as much awareness that you feel you have.

Everything has consciousness. By realizing that, the level of your conscious awareness rises to infinite possibility.

Your experience on the earth plane is much more complex than you realize.

There are multi-layers enacting themselves at all times.

What you see visually extends into many directions not readily available to what you call the naked eye.

The beauty is the multiplicity of experience that moves through all the levels of your soulful energy.

This is important to comprehend.

The life you live dramatically is but the tip of the iceberg "spiritually".

Ponder the moment... then we will proceed."


VERONICA is a highly evolved nonphysical entity and guide that speaks and writes via a Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel named April Crawford. VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide. For more information, including many free videos of VERONICA speaking, try

About April Crawford:
April Crawford is one of the most adept, and one of the only true full body, open, deep trance channels and spirit mediums in the world.