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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bit o' Fundraising - Give Caresa HOPE For The Future

So I have been a bit wrapped up in my own life the last few months.  Work has presented lots of new challenging opportunities, the girls have gone back to school and the college search for the young one has begun (that is a whole other blog).  So this morning when I read a story posted on Facebook by a former classmate and Retired Marine I was rather touched and made fully aware of how my challenges are blessings in so many ways.

Caresa'a Hope

Caresa's Mother (a Retired Marine) is trying to raise funds for medical treatment for her daughter through Indiegogo I have copied the info below.  This fundraising campaign runs through October 2, 2012.

Donations amounts start at $5  less than a lunch at Chick Fil A to help a young girl get medical treatment.

Caresa's Story

Hello, I am the mother of Caresa Vance. I am also a Marine veteran who has served my country faithfully for over 21 years of active duty.  I have made sacrifices for my country that I don't regret, but now I need my country to sacrifice for me.  If you are a Marine, a military service person, a veteran, or anyone that appreciates the many sacrifices that military members freely make, I ask that you read this and consider giving.  All I need is 12,000 people to give $5 and I can give my daughter and possibly others like her a chance at true healing. Therefore I'm looking for a few good men and women that will stand with me.  If you know of any Marines or other military service members, please pass this on to them.  I know my Marine family won't leave another Marine behind, and I hope you feel the same too.  However, right now, I'm a Marine wounded  and suffering in a world that is not responding to my cries for help. 

I desperately need your help. My daughter Caresa, is a young, vibrant spirit that has suffered with illness most of her life. She has a condition known as schizoaffective disorder which, over the years, has required a lot of treatment and frequent hospitalizations. As of this writing, she is once again in a psychiatric hospital and not getting better. Years of psychotropic drugs and undiagnosed physical illness have robbed Caresa of her spirit of life. I need your help giving life back to my daughter.

Caresa's story started many years ago when she was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school, forcing me through court order to get her evaluated for meds. Never once did the school system or her doctors consider the traumas that happened to her as a child (while I was serving in the military) might have caused the issues she was having in school. At the time, I never realized that the side effects from these drugs could actually lead to psychosis for some people. When she started displaying symptoms and side effects, I was always told it would only last a short time. Caresa graduated from one drug to another, and from one diagnosis to another, until age 14 when they diagnosed her with schizophrenia, and more recently schizoaffective (Bipolar type) disorder.

Last year, I took Caresa to an outpatient alternative treatment facility and they found she had several severe allergies, infections, toxicity and chemical imbalances in her body. These imbalances cause Caresa to continue to relapse and end up back in inpatient psychiatric care (where they give her more psychotropic drugs). We cannot even begin to get Caresa the treatment she really needs to deal with the traumas she's faced in life, because of the (psychotropic) medication roller-coaster she has been on all of these years. The meds only mask the symptoms of what is really going on, and cause her severe side effects (the reason many mentally ill refuse to take them). The problem is, weaning her off of psychotropic meds in an outpatient setting does not give Caresa the intensive support she needs while her body adjusts to alternative medication treatments. When she feels unstable, the mental health establishment just puts her in a psychiatric hospital, back on higher doses of medications...and the recovery process begins all over again. Repeatedly rescuing Caresa from the abyss of toxic prescription medications has caused an extreme financial burden on my family, and I am still trying to pay expenses from her last outpatient treatment, and Caresa still needs many more treatments to clear her body of toxins and imbalances identified during her outpatient treatment.

Caresa desperately needs an alternative inpatient facility that can help wean her off meds while she gets her bodily imbalances corrected. Only then can she get the help she really needs to deal with her past and move on with her life. We know Caresa will do well with the new treatment program because we have seen so much improvement over the last year since she completed the outpatient program. And if that news wasn't good enough, she has also been blessed to loose over 130 pounds since she the beginning of her treatment regimen (as you can see by the pictures above).

Give Caresa HOPE For The Future

You can make a difference by giving a generous donation towards Caresa's inpatient medical treatment costs. We have set up a Patient Donation Account in her name at the Alternative To Meds Center in Sedona, AZ. Once we raise enough towards her treatment program, we will transfer the funds to her Patient Donation Account so she can start the program and (finally) get the help she really needs. Caresa will likely require a full three-month stay to get her started towards a full recovery.If she doesn't the monies will go to help others seeking treatment.  We really want to start sponsoring others to get this well needed treatment.  If you would like to learn more about the Alternative To Meds Center, please visit their website at The point of contact for donations is Steve Woodring at (540) 535-8876 (or email him at

Again, I hope everyone can find it in their heart to contribute at least $5 and share this site with at least ten others who will do the same. We need every possible donation to help my daughter get her life back. Every dollar received will go towards Caresa’s care and treatment!

Once Caresa gets her life back, we plan to publish her book detailing the road to her deliverance for others seeking knowledge and help for these and other similar afflictions.  I am already speaking to groups large and small, any that care to hear, that there is another way to help people with mental illness.  People don’t deserve the treatment they are getting from the government and corporate medical bureaucracy. Just putting people on heavy drugs will never be the answer to their problems. The regular hospitals are overcrowded, jails are becoming holding places for these people.  Now my brothers and sisters are coming back from war and they need REAL help as well.  I need to get the word out nationally, as well as internationally because of what my daughter and I have been through, I know we can make a difference in others’ lives as well so please don't ignore this campaign.  Give and pass it on.  Get it to a Marine or othe military service member and I know they will do what is right.  You may be helping to change the world.  One person at a time.  If we don't get these people the real help they need we are bound to see more incidents of crime and violence from this community who are not getting the true help they need from the current modality of treatment.  Again, please give and leave a comment here so we can generate national and international support for this community of people who cannot advocate for themselves. 
Thank you for your prayers and support,

Crystal E. Kelley USMC, Ret.

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