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Friday, May 25, 2012

Grand Old Trees

I just love old cemeteries.  I especially like old cemeteries of the Coastal South East.  Today we ran across a lovely example in Georgetown South Carolina.

The Hubby and I stopped to take a few photos - ok in my case over 130 photos.   I used my little digital camera for most of the pictures however, I recently picked up a Cannon EOS Rebel (film) at a yard sale as I want to learn how to take "real" pictures.  

I was in awe of the trees in this cemetery - there were several huge southern oak trees. 

 I have included several photos of this tree at different angles to show just how expansive it is. 
As I walked around it I was really quite surprised it hadn't fallen over - check out the next few pictures to see what I mean. 

This Tree was just lovely 
I could imagine him as an ENT from Lord of the Rings


The following pictures are from the roll of film I shot playing with the lens and manually focusing - trying to take "real" pictures  :)

With any luck I should have a few pictures of Brookgreen Gardens in the near future. 

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