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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lets Do The Time Warp Again

Well it has been one crazy week, a double meditation and Prozac kind of week. I have to say the week has flown by - I am not even sure how so many things could possibly fit into 5 short days.

I am going to take a second and be thankful for the high points.  I got to reconnect with several friends and I even spent a bit of time on my friend's Blog Talk radio show Universal-Energy as we discussed Chaos Theory aka Life :)

I had an awesome PLR Session on Sunday that helped me keep my perspective through much of the Life Opportunities of this week.

I went to Painting with a Twist with my daughter and had a lovely evening (another awesome Living Social Deal).  It totally reminded me of what is truly important, as well as, letting me reconnect with my Dad's memory.  He passed away a year ago this month and my Mother and Sister passed away almost 40 years ago this week.  My Dad loved to paint - These are for you Dad.

Friday we had a potluck lunch at work and we even dyed Easter Eggs something I haven't done in several years.  I was nice to take an hour and enjoy the company. It is amazing how you can work in the same area with so many people but never talk or interact.  Oh and the Food was Great, too.

Finally I want to say I am Thankful I have a Great Boss and even though we are up to our eyeballs is hoohah this too shall pass.

1 comment:

Aleksandra Nearing said...

The poppies turned out great! Thank goodness this week is over!