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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I Learned This Week

As my lovely teenage daughters can attest, there is much I do not know and although they have tried to educate me I can be a bit slow at times.  But I can learn and to prove it I am going to talk about what I learned this week.

1) Writing a blog means learning about about HTML and various other computer things I thought I would never have to worry about.  I must admit I am enjoying the challenge.  I love it when I try something and it works.  See Somewhere-Between  (Thank you The Simple Dude - I learned this from reading your book.)

2) Mr. Rogers used the word S H I T - I read this on Yahoo so it must be true (  Happy Birthday Mr. Rogers thank you for entertaining me back in the days before cable and afternoon cartoons.

3) I have 1 degree of separation from Jennifer Lawrence of Hunger Games...
Yep that is me behind the woman in black in white - if you look closely you can see Lenny Kravitz's hand on my shoulder....  I still haven's washed that shoulder.  Back to Jennifer I am really looking forward to seeing the Hunger Games movie - I highly recommend the books with a note of caution once you start reading you won't stop till you have finished all 3 books.

I think that is enough for one week... I don't want to blow a fuse.

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