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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tooth Brush Happiness Oral B - Pulsar

I went to the Dentist the other day and much to my surprise I had a great check up.  The lovely Hygienist gave me a glowing review on my oral care and remarked I was the easiest patient she had had in a while - no tarter build up. Now considering the last few years have been filled with gum surgery, a root canal, two crowns, various fillings and I still have some repairs to do I was a bit surprised - even my Periodontal check showed significant improved.

There is only one thing I can think of that would have facilitated this improvement.  I switched to the Oral B Pulsar about a year ago.  It is a battery powered tooth brush that costs about $6 in the store but it has done better than the expensive rotary and sonic bushes that I have purchased in the past. 

I was so pleased that I bought two more when I went to the store, at this rate I might get to hold off on those dentures for a few more decades. 

*This blog post was not sponsored by Oral-B or my Dentist. No free products or exchanges of any kind were involved.  Just my happiness at some good news. 

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