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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pleasant Surprise Saturday

Here in the Atlanta area we have something called Living Social which is like Groupon in that it offers discounts to various restaurants and businesses.   I had somehow managed to get on the email list but I had yet to make a purchase, I was waiting for an offer I could not refuse.  

My day job is in Financial Reporting which is Accounting on Steroids especially at year end (which for me starts in January and ends early March), by Mid-February we are all ready to become homicidal maniacs.  So when my Living Social daily email arrived with a deal for a 60 minute massage and 30 minute foot scrub on the right side of town and during my high stress work-phase, well it took me all of 5 seconds to whip out my card and buy one.  

I called and made my appointment at Relax Atlanta ( for Saturday 3/24.

I figured it would be a good day for a massage since I was walking a charity 5k in the morning and a massage would be just what I needed before heading to Little 5 Points that evening with my daughters to see the Nerdist Podcast show.

So after finishing the walk (it was a beautiful morning and I really enjoyed it) I went home, showered and headed out for my massage.  Now the location is part of a small strip mall in an area I rarely travel - between a pizza hut and Po Boy sandwich shop, but I had no problem finding it and arrived a few minutes early.

The staff was very courteous and efficient, they quickly had me signed in, and even though I was early had me in the back getting ready for my massage in no time.  My therapist was Jennifer and she was extremely nice asking questions about what areas did I want her to work on and if I had ever had a massage before.  She left the room so I could prepare and get comfortable on the table, which was extremely comfortable... so comfortable that I fell asleep several times during the massage and foot scrub...  I have never fallen asleep during a massage before but the room was so soothing and the massage so relaxing it was bound to happen....  It was probably a good thing too as I ended up being out on the town till 2 am with my daughters but I am saving that story for a post of its own.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought the daily deal from Living Social but I am so glad I did. I highly recommend Relax Atlanta if you are on the I-20 west corridor out of Atlanta be sure to check it out.   I will be heading back for another massage and maybe a nap soon.

Do you have a pleasantly surprising story to tell or a business to recommend?  Feel free to share in the comments below.


Aleksandra Nearing said...

LOL love the "homicidal maniacs" - SO true!!!

Unknown said...

:) Our self control is amazing at year end. LOL