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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ides of March

Tis the Ides of March and the day after Pi with the equinox around the corner, such a busy month.

So I have been puttering with this blog concept and trying figuring out what direction do I really want to take this adventure.  I have had several conversations with friends and acquaintances and while it is uniformly agreed that blogs and social marketing are the next wave of discourse, how do I join this party and what can I add to the mix.

I am a multifaceted individual and this blog will reflect that aspect.  I will continue discussions on Past-Life Regression, share my new adventure - obtaining my Certified Financial Planners (CFP) certification (which I plan to complete in the next 12 months), I also anticipate doing some product reviews and giveaways, as well as, addressing some of the mundane events that occur when one is approaching the empty nest phase.  My daughters are becoming more independent everyday, going to college/high school, working jobs and busy planning their futures.  I too am doing much the same thing.  With fewer responsibilities I now have time to go to the gym, or as I did last night play Bunco with a wonderful group of ladies and it didn't hurt that I won part of the pot on my first time - beginners luck.

I have been relatively busy with work and my favorite hobby Past Life Regressions the last few months, however, I decided to go back to school, although online, to obtain my CFP.  I chose this particular path because I felt it would build on my work experiences but also give me an opportunity to work more directly with people on a daily basis.  I will be learning a new skill that will be beneficial to me and my family as well as others.  And now it is time for me hit to books and do some reading.

Tante Belle Cose

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