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Monday, September 19, 2011

Past Life Regressions - The What's

What is a past life regression - Well a past life regression based on my definition involves a participant who either with the help of a hypnotist or meditation guide (human or recording) has an experience of living another life, sometimes many centuries ago, sometimes just a few decades.   The participant sets the parameters for the session by focusing on a specific topic or question that they would like to explore.  

What does it feel like - This is different for each person.  When using a meditation approach the participant remembers the whole event and may think of it as a daydream. If done in a group setting or with a recording (Past Life Regression/Mediation CD) then the participant would be wise to write down the event when complete.  So they can use it as a reference later on as the memory usually fades over time. 

When using a hypnotic approach the participant may or may not remember the session (I try to record them both with a digital recorder and written notes during the session).  My last client remarked that she had only a vague memory of the events until I went over the notes with her, also she found it amusing that she did not remember her lips moving (aka talking) during  the session but the recording was there of her own words. I feel that this is a key element in the process. When the participant hears their own words and descriptions about past events they are able to connect with any messages that are delivered.  They can choose to trust their own words or not.  I am merely providing them the opportunity to explore - the information is all theirs. 

I should also state that the particular method I use involves a question and answer period with the participant’s subconscious/higher consciousness. This is also the trickiest part as the participant if in a hyper-aware state will often think they are making it up and end up having a mental battle in their head about the information that is being shown.  If they are in a fully relaxed state the information comes through easily.  

There is another type of Past Life practitioner that does a Past Life reading.  I have no experience with this particular method, however, from what I have been able to determine the practitioner goes into a meditative state and relays the information to the participant. If anyone has had one of these sessions I would love more info on the process and your overall feeling about it.  I enjoy the process of self-discovery and somehow think having a past life reading would not be nearly as fun as seeing it for myself. 

*There is something known as future lives, but I have not ventured down that path yet - I am sure I will one day.  (This topic delves into quantum physics and I am not sure I am ready to jump the blog into that arena yet.)