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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving Through Time

This past week was busy with 3 past life regressions.  Each one was amazing in its own way - two of them focused on a single lifetime while one touched on several lifetimes and even had time in the waiting to be born space.  It is always cool to me when someone talks about going through the birth process.  While not common it does happen on occasion (twice so far this year), the subject was both excited and apprehensive about the journey ahead, however, there was also amazement and the wonder of feeling so loved by the parent(s).

It is more common to go through the death process in the lifetimes revealed, sometime the exact moment is experienced and sometimes it is glossed over.  This week included one where a Native South American was killed by Spaniards after being forced to watch his tribesmen slain first.  He was very noble and died an honorable death. He had no regrets.  I must say this has not happened often during a session, many times there is regret and loneliness expressed during the death process. As part of the regression we discuss these events and the significance to the person and how they play apart in their current life.   

I must admit I find it fascinating, there is so much similarity in the theme of life and so much difference, too.  It doesn't matter what era or culture similarities prevail however the differences are in the details and what choices were made along the way. 

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